Tuesday, December 11, 2007


...Have you ever dated a llama, with baby mama drama? Well today, that llama is me!

If you want to see hilarious reality tv-slash-dating show, stop and take 30 minutes out of your busy book-reading, marathon-training, and concerto-practicing schedule to watch Hell Date. It will be the funniest 30 minutes of your day. It comes on BET practically every weekday, luckily for those who may be laughter deprived. Hell Date features a wannabe "dater", who's dressed to impress and ready to meet the love of their life, and a "hell dater" - read: master prankster who comes up with crazy antics to make sure that dater has the worst date of their lives. Take for example, the crazy cat lady, the chauvinist Nigerian, or my favorite, the llama with baby mama drama.

But let's not focus on unimportant details. The real deal here, folks, the factor making this show COMEDIC GOLD, is not the hell daters, or the innocent daters' reactions, but the devil that reveals the truth at the very end:


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