Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sushi Tour Update

Since my first post about sushi in the DC area, I have been to a few more new places.

Bonsai Grill in Arlington (near crystal city)
-Soup and salad are included free of charge w/ meal, as well as a salmon appetizer when I went
-Salad dressing was yummy
-Rainbow roll = delicious, with a good variety of other specialty rolls for reasonable prices
-Made substitutions to sushi combo platter with no extra charge
-friendly service
-very casual/small restaurant (not fancy and overdone like some sushi restaurants)
-close to lots of other restaurants like the sports pub (fun for playing pool)

Yosaku Sushi in NW DC (wisconsin ave, north of tenleytown)
-This was interesting
-charged us extra for substitutions to sushi combo
-not really memorable, but not bad
-prices for special rolls seemed high, but they did seem to have a lot of daily specials if you're into that (i'm not, i'm cheap)
-slightly tacky decor

Benihana in Georgetown (in the mall)
-Has great lunch boat special that includes other fun items like tempura, sashimi, edamame, and other japanese words
-sushi is SO flavorful and yummy. A+. 
-has hibachi grills in the back which I intend to try next time for dinner
-in the mall with sharper image so you can sit in massage chairs after enjoying your meal

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