Wednesday, October 21, 2009

White House Fall Garden Tour

The White House hosts tours of its grounds twice a year, and I was lucky enough to get a couple of tickets to go this fall (thanks Alex!). It would be an understatement to say it was not the most beautiful of days to trek outside, but the trip was fascinating despite the nasty hello-winter weather. The tour was "self-guided," meaning scary men with bazookas told us to keep moving along as soon as we took a picture. We saw the gardens in front of the East and West Wings, walked by the Oval Office, saw the fountain up close, and walked through the "Children's Garden" which has handprints of presidents' kids and grandkids. There's also a tennis court and the newly-erected playground.

Now for some pictures from the tour! We had to fight off a lot of people with umbrellas to get these pictures.

This is the Rose Garden of the West Wing - if you look closely you can see the guard standing in the back corner.

That's the Oval Office - I barely had a chance to snap this picture before we got moved along.
I love this shot of the fountain with the Monument in the background:

And here's where the president plays basketball:

Funniest "Overheard in DC" moment of the tour?
Man walks up to a security guard who is guarding very seriously.
Man: Excuse me...Can you tell me where the nearest metro is?

Because I totally stop by the White House to ask directions. All the time.

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