Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm obsessed lately with finding a new bike. I don't really know why, either, but I would love to ride again. The old one succumbed to rust, and it wasn't really worth the money to fix the wonky brakes (that was before it got rusty). Also, I forgot the combination (how sad! I used that lock for what...4 years?).  I've been trying to chase down deals on Craigslist, but I gotta say, these bike sellers are slippery folks. I've gotten plenty of good things out of CL, but dealing with obnoxious people is not one of them. That's how it goes I guess. Too many people with poor CL skills who don't respect the way things are usually done there. Anyway, it seems like there are a lot of overpriced "vintage!!" bikes out there, hard to tell if something's really worth it or not, and I don't have time to go driving all over the DMV in the rain. I'll probably go check out this local bike restoration guy this weekend if he's got anything.

Besides, life is short.

In other news. . . . . . .

Really good podcast for those of you interested in how psychology works in every day life - I've been listening to it frequently, and it's great!

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