Monday, January 11, 2010

January craft update

When the weather is cold outside, some of my favorite things to do include snuggling up indoors to catch up on my favorite tv shows (my current ones are Lost and True Blood), or going upstairs to the loft to work on a sewing project.

Projects I've finished recently:

A purse, thanks to this pattern:

It is reversible! Here's one side with a gathered look and a gray yoke:

And inside out, it's all the same pattern, and there's a pocket.

Next time i might make one with 2 coordinating fabrics but this worked out with what i already had at home.

This weekend I also went to the task of organizing all that pesky paperwork and mail that piles up. I always find random coupons, so i thought there had to be something i could make to keep all of that neatly in my purse. Tada...

And inside:

And lastly... After we took down our tree the other weekend, I made little sachets of pine needles to stick in drawers. Easy, eco friendly, and way cute.
There you have it folks!


Elizabeth said...

The purse turned out great! Thanks for posting pictures of it. I love seeing how people have utilized the pattern. :)

Anonymous said...

HI there, your bag looks great! I am attempting to make it - could you tell me the dimensions as the pattern I have printed seems rather small. ;-)