Monday, January 25, 2010

Trip to NYC

Went to NYC for the 3-day weekend last week.

-Hotel in financial district. Overlooked Ground zero. We watched them move piles of dirt around.
-Walked around the Village, Washington Square Park, 5th ave, Madison Square park. Saw people feeding squirrels peanuts. Saw lots of dogs. Saw the empire state building.
-Got pre-dinner chocolate martinis at Ayza Wine & Chocolate (highly recommended)
-met up with a friend from UVA who showed us around the city (thanks!)
-was introduced to the lobster roll trend at Luke's Lobster
-saw union square, grand central station, the new york public library, including a nice exhibit on NYC maps (not as boring as that sounds)
-saw Avenue Q off broadway - hilarious!
-Took the (free!) staten island ferry to see the NYC skyline and statue of liberty
-walked around the lincoln center and down to columbus circle near central park

Lots of walking and sightseeing. What a great time! I'll be back this summer hopefully.

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