Saturday, June 5, 2010

An evening at Volt

Partially because of my man's birthday request and partially because of a lost poker game, I took my boyfriend out to dinner at Volt, a local "fancy rest-o-rahnt." Volt, or more correctly, VOLT, is about an hour north, in Frederick, MD, along a strip of quaint buildings (not unlike Old Town Alexandria, VA). I think VOLT can most accurately be described as fine ironic dining for former hipsters. The restaurant is located in a renovated Victorian brownstone and serves gourmet food on white tablecloths, but dresses its waiters in converse sneakers and plays Franz Ferdinand from the loudspeakers. To give you an idea of how popular this restaurant is, we could not get reservations until about 3 weeks after my boyfriend's birthday. VOLT is not to be bothered by such things as when his mother decided to birth him.

Among the items we enjoyed were tuna tartare, beef tenderloin over risotto, and what I could barely order with a straight face, the "textures of chocolate." The waiter even sent us home with cellophane-wrapped lemon-poppy muffins. Until the next birthday-slash-lost bet, I think my culinary demons have been quite satisfied!

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