Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Camping Trip, Day 2

The rains continued. The power was out. You would think this would not have affected us... 

But this campground had "environmentally friendly" power-operated sensor faucets and composting toilets. And when the compost ventilation is out...well, the environment is not so friendly.

Cooking being out of the question in this storm, we frantically ran to get in my car so we could go to downtown Galeton. The main event there is a gas station with pet ducks. I took this picture so you could benefit from seeing how cute they are. 

It was in Galeton that we discovered what is our opinion, the best chain-restaurant pizza on the East Coast: Pudgie's Pizza! The sauce, the dough, the cheese, the toppings - there was nothing that we didn't like about this pie. So hats of to you, Mr. Pudgie, you sure do know how to make a pizza that we are not ashamed to eat even though Not Grilling is Against the Rules of Camping According to Somebody. 

Later that day, after the rain decided it had had enough, we took a hike around the campground down to the lake. We stopped once we got to the dock at the lake. We looked at birds through the binoculars and watched the clouds go by. It was just what I needed.

Amazing shots by Chelsea:

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