Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Make CVM: Crazy Vegetable Madness!

You know when you're camping and you get tired of burnt grilled hot dogs and hamburgers? That's when you know it is time for Crazy Vegetable Madness.

OK, but with more oomph this time.  That first time was pathetic. 


Ah, much better. 

Crazy Vegetable Madness I: Madness in Your Buns

Food lubricant (cooking spray)
Shredded cheddar cheese
Barbecue sauce
Sandwich Buns (we used Arnold's Sandwich Thins)

It's so easy I really shouldn't have to tell you how to make it, but I will tell you anyway because I like to be consistent on my blog and describe everything. I sliced the vegetables into 1/4" slices crosswise. I applied cooking spray. By apply, I mean, I sprayed it right onto the fire as the vegetables were on it, like I had a blow torch. But this is NOT me recommending that you do that.  REPEAT, KIDS, DO NOT PRETEND TO HAVE A BLOW TORCH WITH YOUR COOKING SPRAY. Grill the vegetables until they are done. I am sure you know what a grilled vegetable looks like. Put the Madness on your buns, top with sauce and cheese. Then take pictures of it before it gets cold.

Crazy Vegetable Madness II: Just Stew Me Good 

Canned kidney beans
Canned zucchini with tomato sauce
Possibly more tomato sauce or tomatoes
Hot peppers
Shredded cheddar cheese
Pepper and other dried spices

We chopped the vegetables into stew-size chunks. We de-seeded the hot peppers so the stew would not be overwhelmingly spicy. Then we poured everything in a deep aluminum pan.  We also poured in some cans of water to give our stew enough cooking juice. (It wouldn't be a stew if it was dry, then that would just be dry disgusting Madness.) We covered this all with foil and cooked it over a portable electric grill for about an hour at the max temperature. I guess if you are a stickler, you can cook it over a fire, but you will be a hungry stickler and who wants that? We stirred the stew impatiently every so often. When the stew was hot, we ate it with cheese and spices on top. 

We did not eat the whole pan that night. Obviously, we did not feed it to the bears either because we had sent all the black bears to the moon to cover it up so it would not be quite so blinding bright anymore. So we managed to take the stew home with us. Sorry, hungry bears. The stew held up well and I enjoyed it a couple of days later. Good thing I am not a bear.

Yes, of course we got bored waiting for the stew to cook. Here's a video of our stupid rock throwing game. 

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