Wednesday, March 9, 2011

geometric paintings

My apartment is nice, but sometimes it feels a bit blank on the walls.

So for the past few weeks, I've been working on some painting projects on the weekends. They had this awesome 70% off sale at the art shop around the corner, giving me the impetus I needed to try some ideas on a few canvases.

One of my projects: I painted some pictures to go in the bedroom. Before, there was empty space above the TV that felt utterly renter-ly:

Here are the new pictures that I painted. I decided on something that would brighten up the wall in contrast to the neutral paint. The paintings give this part of the room a more lively look, and it adds a punch of pear-green color without being overwhelming. 

I was inspired to do geometric designs by an amazing book, Knitting Nature, which has clothing patterns all based on geometric patterns found in nature. I love the designs and photography (so lush and simple!) and will make something from this book one day. For instant gratification in the meantime though, painting will do.


Anonymous said...

Pretty stylish! Almost the first thing I do when I move in is put up various posters and calendars so there are no blank walls.

Em! said...

I was trying to figure out what it is your paintings reminded me of. And I realized that even though they aren't the same shapes or colors, the geometric patterns reminded me of SET! So I ended up playing a game online. ;P

It looks good!

Laura said...

you're right, they do look a bit like Set. Especially the one with the 3 hexagons. The resemblance did occur to me too while I was making them. I even though about doing a diamond-based pattern, but it was even more overwhelming, so I went with the pentagon one instead. Haven't played that game in forever! Definitely don't want to feel like I'm staring at it every night before I go to bed :)

Nanda said...

I love it!