Saturday, July 2, 2011

Moving along

Big changes in my life are occurring this summer. I've titled this post "moving along" instead of "moving on" since "moving along" fits what I'm feeling best: I'm progressing to the next step of life, not forgetting where I've come from, but rather I feel as though I am just further downstream in the natural course of things.

Saying goodbye to the place where my boyfriend and I first lived together. Moving together to a new but temporary place for the summer. Leaving my job of almost three years in order to attend grad school this fall. All of these things have happened in just the past week. Although we had a feeling the move from our apartment was coming, much of it was last-minute. The move from work, I've been planning and preparing for over a year now, but could hardly believe it was actually happening. I don't think it hit me until people started to come say goodbye, and I could barely say words that would do justice to how I felt.

I will keep updating to this blog through this month, and then in August I will start a new one when I move to North Carolina to start grad school.

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