Monday, August 1, 2011

Follow me on Pinterest

Recently joined a visual bookmarking site called Pinterest. I've found this to be a really fun and useful tool for making notes of images and ideas that I like. I'm quite taken by it!

If you're interested, follow my pins at

You can catalog or "like" pictures and webpages, and categorize them into "boards" which are visual bookmarks of those things. So far I've started some boards for crafts, home decor, and recipes. I wish this had been around ages ago when I first started following craft and food blogs.

This is a much easier alternative to my previous system of starring things in google reader (which was unorganized and hard to search), bookmarking in my browser (which was forgettable, unorganized, and not portable), and saving jpg's on my desktop (not portable, and I'd lose the original links). I don't like to inundate my Facebook and Twitter friends with shared links or links, so this is a great outlet for that!

Another great aspect of this site is that it's portable. I've already used the iPhone app a couple of times when I'm at the store and want to look up something I've "pinned." They didn't pay me to say this - I've just been super impressed at how useful this tool has been and how seamlessly I've been able to integrate this into my existing projects. 

Do any of you use Pinterest also? Please leave your comments and feedback on this post.

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