Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The To-Read List

Books on my shelf that are waiting to be read:

Some that I picked up from the thrift store last time I went home:
Airframe - Crichton
Toward the End of Time - Updike
The Hours - Cunningham
Sherlock Holmes - Doyle
Seabiscuit - Hillenbrand

On loan from a friend:
The Amber Spyglass - Pullman

Purchased with Christmas money:
The Chronicles of Narnia - Lewis

Handed off to me from a friend:
An Area of Darkness - Naipaul

Given to me by my thesis advisor:
Les violons du diable - Grasset
La 7e femme - Molay
The Tragedy of Origins - Lyons

"Found" at my sorority house:
Emma - Austen

From a used book sale:
Library, An Unquiet History - Battles

This doesn't even touch the long list of books that have been recommended to me...
Case in point: if you want me to read it, put it on my shelf :)

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