Friday, January 9, 2009

GRE powerprep software


I searched for directions on how to run the GRE powerprep software on Windows Vista online, but I didn't find any that worked in their entirety. Most instructions seemed to be on forums that were full of unhelpful "solutions". So, I'm posting some improved instructions here.

Directions for how to run GRE PowerPrep software on Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit):

1. Log in with an administrator account.
2. Download the software from the GRE site. I tried using the setup file on the CD, but it didn't work.
3. Run the PPGRE31.exe file in Windows 98 compatibility mode (right click, properties, compatibility)
4. The setup file can take a really long time to load. Go put on a pot of tea or something.
5. Run the setup file as you usually would.
6. Go to the PowerPrep folder that's been installed in your Windows start menu.
7. Right click on the PowerPrep program, and change the compatibility mode to Windows 95. It doesn't work properly in other compatibility modes - the program starts but then will hang if you try to run it in Win 98 for example.
8. Open program (it may take a long time).
9. If you have problems accessing the practice files - like if they hang or the program stops responding - try closing the program and changing the compatibility mode to another setting. I found that Windows 95 worked best for me.

NOTE: The software does not work in Windows Vista 64 bit. You can install the setup file from the CD, oddly enough, but when you run the program you will encounter an error. Needless to say, it also doesn't work on a Mac.

There you have it. Software from people who charge $140 to test you, but are incapable of upgrading their software past 1995 standards.


Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Veeeery helpful! :)


pvl reddy said...

You can Install intially. then select the safemode on your windows 7.

then open powerprep. it will run.