Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jet Lagging

Upon my return from San Francisco/L.A. (was there for a few days):

Jet lag is a beast - and I'm already an insomniac. Boy, am I out of it. I got on the wrong bus today going home from work, and it took me 30 minutes before I looked up from my newspaper and realized my mistake.

MICE!! IN MY APARTMENT! AAAH!!! What the HECK? I spotted 3 mice in my place. This is the first time I have seen ANY kind of pest in my apartment. I make sure to keep the place reasonably clean, too. I wipe off my counters like there's no tomorrow. The first time I saw one of the mice, I thought I was imagining something running into my kitchen. The second time, I thought it was weird that I would imagine the same thing twice. The third time, when I saw a mouse staring up at me from beneath the futon in the living room, I knew it was not the jet lag playing tricks on me. Gross!

To make matters worse, I got a letter from my apartment building company, Southern Management, a few months ago saying in order to cut costs, they would not be doing any more preventative mouse maintenance and would instead be doing extermination on an as-needed basis. GREAT, THANKS A LOT, SOUTHERN MANAGEMENT. I now have a mouse problem. I'm so glad my rent is being used wisely, as in renovating the lobby instead of preventing rodent issues. Every time I walk by one of those new faux-African sculptures in the new lobby, I'll remember how many mice could live because of it.

Sigh. OK, guess I'll be doing more cleaning after work tomorrow and figuring a better storage solution for my food. I'm not going to be encouraging this infestation if I can help it.

I'm sure I had other, less complainatory (not a word) items to talk about, but this whole jet lag this has really taken my brain for a loop.

In other news, the cherry blossom festival is coming up soon in DC, and the weather is finally getting warmer. And the DC bus driver who beat up McGruff got fired. Hooray!

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