Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunday Brunch in Adams Morgan

If you're a local, this view of Adams Morgan might surprise you.

Somehow, after a Saturday night of "crime-provoking" Jumbo Slice, 4 lines just to get into the Reef, and all other kinds of debauchery, Adams Morgan cleans up pretty nice on Sunday morning. Replacing the crowds and taxis are pleasant Sunday brunch-goers, just looking for some eggs and a mimosa.

I myself took a stroll down 18th street to check out the best of the famous brunch specials. Tryst, The Diner, Meze, Left Bank, and Bourbon, among others, all seem to be offering something tasty for those Sunday morning munchies. While Tryst does serve up a mean frittata, I decided to go for something I hadn't tried before, so I headed over to Left Bank.

The star of the brunch menu looks to be the scrambled eggs layered with smoked salmon and cream cheese ($8). Not only did I get it and like it, but I noticed that 3 other girls at the adjacent table ordered this too.

To get the most out of this experience - sit out near the open doors, and watch as drivers fight for parallel parking spots, then as they spend longer to park the car than to snatch up the spot, and then inevitably love-tap the car in front.

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