Monday, November 30, 2009

From Nassau to the PQ

I went to Nassau in the Bahamas for 4 1/2 days with the boyfriend. We spent all of our time at the beach, because that is all that there is to do there. The hotel beach, Cabbage Beach, Cable Beach, those beaches be crazy. The snorkeling is pretty amazing! You can swim up really close to the fish.

The first night we were there, we caused an altercation between two taxi drivers. Yes, I bring the ruckus wherever I go. We got in one taxi, but another taxi driver (who ostensibly had been waiting longer) blocked him from getting out of the parking lot by parking in front of the entrance. He wouldn't move until the other driver let him have the fare (us)!
They're not just ruthless - taxi drivers in Nassau entertain you. Ask them a few questions about the island, and you'll hear long yarns about where various celebrities live (they especially love to talk about Nicholas Cage, Oprah, and the Miami Dolphins). Is any of it true? Does it matter? There's even "tour guides" that tell jokes for tips on the water taxis:

About the Paradise Island hotel:
"The Atlantis Bridge Suite costs $25,000 a night. You cannot stay there just one night! You must stay there minimum of four nights! If you are interested in any real estate deals....Talk with ME!"

About celebrity homes:
"This is the house where Nicholas Cage lives. If any single ladies would like to talk to Nicholas Cage...Talk with ME!"

About the beach:
"There used to be a nude beach here. The government closed it. Why? Too many boating accidents!"

Unfortunately, the food/water there is a culinary disaster. It's expensive (since it's all imported) and frankly, not very good. It also can give you food poisoning, so the only drink you will be ordering will be a special pink one called "Dismal Bismal." I think half my stomach is still in Nassau somewhere. And Em, to answer your question: No, the water is not $8...just $4 :)

The plane ride home on Wednesday (before Thanksgiving) was totally uneventful. Not many crowds or long lines at the airport. That does remind me though, of what the security officer said to me on my outbound trip:

"Ma'am, this sunscreen bottle is too big. We'll have to throw it away. Or you can check it."

LOL! I can CHECK IT! I would have liked to check one bottle of sunscreen! (I'll show YOU, TSA!) Can you imagine that going around on the conveyor belt? Along with a little address tag? Hysterical!

Anyway, I made it home to visit my folks. I needed a vacation from my vacation, and it was time for some good home cookin'. With some turkey pot pie and grilled steak, I was soon enough cured from the ills of too many Dismal Bismal cocktails.

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