Monday, November 16, 2009

just another weekend around DC

Since my boyfriend got an iPhone recently, we checked out the "urbanspoon" app to find a good place to eat on Friday. We locked in on a "$$" place in "Old Town Alexandria", and shook the phone. For those of you wondering, "$$" is supposed to be 10-15 per entree. Bam! Instant suggestion. It suggested that we go to "Landini Brothers", an Italian place. Well, the restaurant was great, very romantic and candlelit, but the "$$" was definitely very off-base. It was more like $16-25 per entree. There was a $780 bottle of wine on the menu! $780! It's a recession, folks! Maybe they mean that you only have $10-15 left in your wallet after you eat here. Anyway, it was a fun little outing, but I'm not sure if I will trust Urbanspoon if I'm feeling frugal in the future.

No success with finding a bike this weekend. More slippery folks on Craigslist. One guy wanted to drive here from the beach to sell bikes and was trying to get everyone together to look at bikes at the same time (I have a hard enough time getting people I actually KNOW together to do something, getting a bunch of strangers together to meet at a metro just sounds like a poorly planned idea). Another guy kept telling me to call him back to see if he had anything in his shop (I really love telling you the kind of bike I want each time I call you). And another set of folks were "in town for the weekend, but maybe we can meet you somewhere, we've heard DC is convenient to navigate". Translation: telling people where to meet you in an unfamiliar location almost always winds up with you sitting around for half an hour while they get lost. My other favorite: "It's a small bike...I'm 5'9". Oh yeah, and the chain is a little loose!"

Now I know how people on dating websites must feel.


I also did one of my favorite weekend night activities this weekend....Sunday Night bowling! I love going out on Sundays because, well, what else is there to do. There's a couple of places in the area that I like to go to, that have "trendy" bowling, meaning the kind where you DON'T show up with your own bowling gear, and those are Lucky Strike in DC, and 300 in Gaithersburg. 300 is very large, with lots of lanes and music videos playing. They also have a nice system for getting your balls and shoes - you pick the ball out at a counter along with the shoes - so you're not rooting through balls trying to find the right size. However, their menu is lame (they have "gourmet chips" on the menu). The music videos also distract me from beating my boyfriend in bowling, which I love to do. I start grooving to "Put a Ring on It", and the next thing you know, my ball is heading straight down the gutter.

We actually went to Lucky Strike this time instead. It's not really that crowded on Sunday evenings, which is awesome (try getting a lane on Saturdays...). I like the food there (as bowling alleys go). They also only show sports on the big screens, which has the distinct advantage of NOT distracting me. I am very excited because last night, I bowled over 100 in one of my games! I got 2 strikes (plus one 9) on the last turn! (Yep, I beat the pants off the bf on that game.)

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