Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a Nantahala-back girl

If I haven't posted for awhile, it's because I'm still in a state of bliss from my recent trip to the Nantahala Forest in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. I went for the weekend, and it was nothing but rustic goodness.

First of all...I will never see a plain old hotel room in the same light again. I've been changed. Hotels have nothing on vacation cabins. Since we were in the mountains, we decided that the only way to go was to stay in a cozy pine chalet. This place was unbelievable. Vaulted ceilings, huge windows that lit up the whole place with mountain daylight, this otherworldly smell of pine everywhere, gorgeous views. It was like living inside the brain of a tree. Except with less termites, I suppose.

One of my favorite things was the totally awesome game room. It was however...a game room of awkward proportions. Think pool is easy? Try playing pool with a foosball table up in your grill.

Now as hard as it was to actually leave the cabin and its many amenities, we did manage to make a scenic drive out to Fontana Dam one day. I say drive because on the 3rd day of our vacation, it SNOWED and thus a full-on hike in the cold was not so appealing anymore. No worries, mom, it wasn't snowing that heavily but there were flurries nonetheless. DC area residents bring snow with us wherever we go. It turns out that "Snowpocalypse" is a contagious disease. Here's some sights from the trip:

The nicest weather on the trip was on the day we left, so on our 9-hour trip back, we stopped and drove into the Deep Creek entrance to Great Smoky Mountain Park and did some hiking.

Now I have come back, relaxed and ready to enjoy the cherry-blossom love fest that is DC in the springtime. Ahhhhhh :)

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