Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend roundup: Early shots of spring edition

Wow! it was really beautiful this weekend in DC. I spent a lot of time outside walking around and even did a little biking. I really could stand a find a good bike shop, though.

I'm planning to volunteer this spring with the Parkview Rec Center in Petworth through DC Cares (a local volunteer organization). They have a garden plot which they'll need help with growing vegetables in during the spring and summer. The food all goes to the kids at the rec center, which is great because it sounds like a lot of the kids are on the school lunch program and don't get much healthy food on weekends. I went to a planning seminar this weekend and also had time to walk around the neighborhood a bit before the meeting. The neighborhood is typical of so many DC areas - boarded up businesses punctuated by liquor stores, but also a charter school, community center, and a friendly mom and pop antique shop.

This weekend ended with me crossing off another item on my Silver Spring to-do list: Samantha's Restaurant. It's a local mexican place that gives my other favorite, El Aguila, a run for their money. Samantha's has a delicious pulled-pork-and-mole-sauce dish, and great salsa. 4.25 stars - They get an extra quarter-star for being one of the only restaurants around MoCo that's open late on Sundays. Not everybody sits at home doing chores on Sunday evening, and we need to eat too!

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Em! said...

I volunteered with DC Cares in Summer 2006. I think my favorite was working at one of the Food Banks. :)