Monday, May 17, 2010

Adams Morgan, or Brunch with Oompa Loompas

I love brunch in Adams Morgan/Dupont. Variations on the Scrambled Egg are enough to get me out of bed.

Since I've been apartment hunting for new digs in the District, I've been down in the area a little bit more recently. And yes! That means more brunch!

Saturday's stop was at Lauriol Plaza. I've been there before for their crazy crowds, enchiladas mariscos, and swirled margaritas, but never for brunch. The best bet is to show up early before the noon rush. We got in around 11:45 am - the place was empty. About 10 minutes later, the whole patio was buzzing. 

Turns out that Lauriol was the best place to be at noon on this particular Saturday, since as we soon witnessed, all kinds of contestants for something called the "Great Urban Race" came running by. Is anyone familiar with this? From my observation this must be some sort of race-slash-costume contest-slash-scavenger hunt. Or as my boyfriend put it, "Do these people really have nothing else to do?" We witnessed a couple of Oompa-Loompas, Super Heros, and People Dressed in Lots of Pink run by and take pictures at the intersection. 

People watching, check. Breakfast burrito, check. 

Sunday's stop was at Slaviya, the restaurant that replaced my old favorite, Left Bank. I'm not quite sure what the story is on the renovation, but basically what they did was swap out Left Bank's breezy yellow walls with black, brown, and red night-time decor. It would be like if you gave techno music and rail drinks a visual. I don't know if that paints a picture for you, but just think that this doesn't really bode well for the brunch atmosphere. They have exactly the same brunch menu as before, though. I was hoping the quality of the food would have been the same as before, but unfortunately it was poorly made this time. I'm assuming they just hired a new chef who doesn't know how to cook the old specials the same way. Slow service, too. I will have to find a new place for brunch. 

Eggs with salmon and cream cheese, check.

New apartment? Still searching for that one. 

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