Monday, May 10, 2010

The Eat-Cute: Beer and Mustard

In honor of the great month of May, which brings us wonderful things such as warm weather, more baseball, graduations, and three-day weekends, there are two foods which are necessary to discuss. Beer and mustard.

Beer, obviously, because it is the outdoor beverage par excellence in May. Nothing quite says May like finally being able to sit on your patio and busting out your bottle opener. And mustard, because it tops foods we might enjoy in May such as enormous salty pretzels and hot dogs.

I have created an original recipe for May that involves both of these: Corona and Lime Mustard. (Or should we call it...wait for it...Cinco de Mustard?) Corona beer, mustard, and of course, a little bit of lime on the side.

Corona and Lime Mustard

3 tbsp ground mustard
3 tbsp beer (Corona)
1 egg, beaten
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tbsp lime juice

Blend it all together in a double boiler over boiling water until it's mixed well. Sorry about the poorly lit iphone photo, though. The final product really does resemble mustard and not hummus, I promise.

I am also experimenting with making other kinds of mustard. I am trying this recipe for homemade mustard that involves soaking whole grains of mustard in vinegar. I feel like I am doing a science experiment because I have to let it sit for a few days. Not one to stick plainly to the recipe though, I am soaking this in an old liquor bottle, which still has a thick aroma of bourbon left in it. I am hoping it transfers over to the mustard. If it does, it would be like my very own bottle of Terrific Broth, and I would call it Terrific Mustard (it will make my hot dogs terrific). If it doesn't, I will just call it mustard.

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Em! said...

What would be great is putting this beer mustard on top of some beer-battered brauts. And drinking a nice cold beer. I see where you're going with this! I like the way you think.