Saturday, May 8, 2010

The best Nats fan

Dear Diary,
Last night at the Nats game was incredible. I saw the best sports fan ever. His name was Terrance. I know this because it was on the back of his special red Nats Jersey. Terrance was a lively soul, rousing the crowd into cheers. When we were down in the 9th inning, Terrance was not dismayed. Terrance was in great cheer. He lifted us all to our feet with his exuberant bursts of team spirit. I've never seen anything like Terrance and his rousing of the crowd. It didn't matter that we were down by 2 to the Marlins. No! Terrance did a special dance to make us all love being Nats fans again. In my opinion, Terrance should be promoted from mere fan to Coach. Sorry Riggleman, Terrance is coming at ya. Instead of the coaches doing subtle signals, Terrance is going to wave his arms and get down.

Don't you worry about a thing, Terrance is gonna come to your rescue!

Yours truly,

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