Friday, July 23, 2010

It's the milk chocolate...or is it?

The highlight of this past weekend was visiting Hershey Park with my boyfriend. We usually make a trip about once or twice a summer to a local amusement park. If you're not familiar with Hershey Park, it is 2-3 hours north of the DC area. They have a few wooden roller coasters, some modern "why am I getting on this"-scary coasters, and a water park. They also have Chocolate World, home of some unnervingly sassy animatronic cows.

My favorite ride there is the Storm Runner. This roller coaster starts off with a burst of speed into a 90 degree drop instead of a painstaking climb. The effect is quite thrilling when it's dark and you can't see. It is so good it will make your head hurt afterwards.

The water park is not worth going to. The storage lockers are an exorbitant $10, the rides are not that entertaining, and the lines are stab-me-in-the-eye-with-a-rusty-spoon long.  By the time we got on one ride, our teeth were chattering, and I was no longer amused.

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Em! said...

So wait, did you have to pay separate fees to get into the different parts of the park? Or was it all one charge? I can't believe it's $10 for a locker, that's outrageous.