Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sesame and Bacon-Wrapped Turnips

If ya like it than ya shoulda put some bacon on it. But, I made turnips, so I just put bacon on those instead.

Warning: If you are bacon-averse, gird your (pork) loins, because this recipe is not for the deep-fryer-fearful.

Today's recipe is for Sesame and Bacon-Wrapped Turnips. I thought this was one of the more unusual turnip recipes that Epicurious had to offer. By the way, turnip greens are great too, but not very exciting to cook (hint: you boil/steam them). I will not bore people with a blog post about them. Instead, marvel at bacon on a stick:

 1. I started off with turnips (I only needed 2 after all):

which I chopped into slices:
2. I wrapped these suckers in bacon (I used at least half a package) and skewered them together. Then I dipped the bacon-turnips in a beaten egg and dipped them in sesame seeds.
3. Then (gird yourself), I deep fried these for a couple of minutes in my boyfriend's deep fryer.
4. Then, I put them on a baking sheet and baked them for about 7 minutes until they were crispy and golden all over.

Full disclosure: my apartment smelled less like bacon and more like an Asian takeout place afterwards.

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