Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dirty in Jersey

This week on Lauralicious.... an episode of Jersey Shore with no Snooki!

Last weekend I went to Atlantic City with two of my favorite ladies, Whit and Lizz, who have been my friends since college. The weather was perfect, and we had a fabulous time! No, none of us really gamble, but there is plenty of other stuff to do there. Such as, you ask? We went out to some clubs, spent an afternoon at the beach, walked around the boardwalk, saw a guy ride a motorcycle in a cage, and swam at the hotel pool. Here we are before we totally had an "Incident" at a hotel buffet: 

And here's a picture of the beach:

We also were the recipients of some pretty lame pickup lines. I have heard some bad ones before, but never so many in one weekend. I will share some of these for your enjoyment: 

"Excuse me miss, you dropped something...My phone number!' 

"Did you have a good time this weekend? ...Couldn't have been that good, you weren't with me!" 


Em! said...

Hey girl! Can I get your number?!

Laura said...

I totally thought of you when that happened! Those guys must know each other.