Thursday, September 16, 2010

Floating the day away in Phoenix (Day 2)

Today I will tell you about Day 2 of my recent trip to Arizona. On Saturday morning, the first thing we did in Phoenix was to follow the advice of our guidebook and eat brunch at a place called America's Taco Shop where we ate huge bowls of shrimp ceviche. That is the way to start the day off. Tortilla chips and seafood.

For most of the afternoon, we enjoyed life and the heat at the water park at our hotel. Yes, you heard me right. There was a lazy river, a "sports pool," lots of waterfalls, and another big pool at the hotel. We swam around in the lazy river for awhile, and then we played a game of water volleyball with some kids that were in the pool. We sat in lounge chairs that had little flags to flip up whenever we wanted refreshments. Whenever I am stressed out in life, I will think of this perfect moment of floating around in the pool in the sunshine on a hot, hot day. 

In the later part of the day, we drove around Tempe, where my boyfriend used to live for awhile and also where the ASU campus is located. The Phoenix area itself is in a valley surrounded by desert mountains, and at Papago Park in Tempe there are some large rock formations. We climbed to the top of a rock called Hole-in-the-Wall and watched the sun set over the city. The city lights were beautiful. 

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