Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grand Canyon (Day 4)

On the fourth day of my trip to Arizona, I went to the Grand Canyon. Finally, the reason we were there! Some of you might remember that earlier this year, I saw the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Now, I bring you - The Grand Canyon of Arizona! 

We drove up to the South Rim, which is the usual spot for tourists to take pictures and walk along the rim.  After we got our fill of the view from here, we got on the Grand Canyon Visitor Shuttle. Someone familiar with DC might ask me, why would I willingly take public transportation on vacation? (Sidebar: check out "Metro Rap" to understand my plight.)

I had put my Grand Canyon trip into the trusty hands of Mr. Moon Guidebook, which had told me, for example: "Don't bother with driving, take the shuttle, which is GREAT!" and "The lines at the entrance are SO LONG!"

The shuttle? Now I know where fired Metrobus drivers go to get a job. Our driver was completely out of it, prompting one person in the back to shout, "Snap out of it, Jerry!" which garnered chuckles from everyone else on the bus. 

Luckily, even though the guidebook I had was filled with dumb advice about how to avoid long lines of 2-3 cars,  the park ranger gave us a free guide which told me everything I wanted to know about the park, such as how to identify plants and wildlife in the park. Thumbs up! 

Views at Grand Canyon of PA: One gorge covered in trees. 

Views at Grand Canyon of AZ: 

We went to the Bright Angel trailhead where we did some hiking into the canyon. 

Hike in Grand Canyon of PA: Moderate to Strenous - lots of stairs on the path and a steep climb back up

Hike in Grand Canyon of AZ: Moderate - but with more inclines than stairs, it made it fairly easy to return back to the top

On our way home after our excursion, we stopped in the town of Flagstaff, AZ, which is halfway between Sedona and Grand Canyon. Cool town, with a main street-meets-hippie vibe. We ate sushi for dinner at Karma Sushi, because no road trip is complete without me indulging my love for tuna and salmon rolls. I may travel, but I take no vacation from eating sushi. 

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Sarah said...

I am so jealous! I have been wanting to go to the Grand Canyon for quite some time. It looks like an awesome trip!