Friday, October 15, 2010

Movin' up

This week, I got moved from a cubicle to my own office at work. Sweet! I'm moving up in the world, and I'll be at that corner office with a view in no time. 

Technically speaking, it is an office with two desks in it, but no one else is in the office at the moment. That makes it my own office for the time being. Having a door is as wonderful as I imagined, yes. It has windows, too, but they are with a lovely view of the trucks at the loading dock, so I wouldn't get too excited about that if I were you. 

I've been working on grad school applications lately. Unfortunately, that means less time to upload pretty pictures of desserts to my blog, but I think it will work out for the best in the end :) I think it's fun to think about the future and the possibilities. I like talking to people about different ideas for what I could do or what there is to learn. People have been giving me lots of encouragement on all aspects of the application process, which I definitely appreciate.  It's satisfying, also, when I can find a program (there are a few) that will fit both my location and program requirements. Now, I just have to get accepted. Reading the bios of some of the students at these places is a humbling experience!

There are so many considerations around money, location, program concentration, and deadlines. It can be overwhelming, although I'm trying to keep calm about it. I'm looking for something in an urban area, but also something that fits my specific interests in health behavior, health communication, and new media. It's heart-breaking to look at a school that would be in my dream location, and then realize they either just don't have the program I want, and vice versa. Well, as they say when apartment hunting in DC, "cheap, near a metro, or clean, pick one." Like it or not, I will have to face some tough choices in the next few months; one of which might be to either stay in DC or to move next year.

Every day I wake up and have a different opinion about where I want to be in a year and what I want my program to look like. For example, do I want to try to work and go to school part-time, or do I want to go full time? That's a tough one for me right now. 

At least the one thing that is stable right now are my program interests. It's taken me a long time to get to that point. I explored many different fields--and many of them weren't right for me and gave me the uneasy feeling that it wasn't what I was meant to do. Now, I feel like I am doing something that works for me and my skills, and not just what seems "cool" or "somewhat interesting."

Well, if anyone has any advice to share, I could use it! Honest thoughts and comments are welcome.


Em! said...

So, instead of replying to your comments separately, I've decided to reply to everything here. Yay!

1) Congrats on getting your own office! So, is it a promotion or just a move? As in, did you get a pay raise? Is that an inappropriate question to ask?

2) After starting my new workout last week and seeing your comments about the skinny jeans goal, I've decided that even if I don't get back into those jeans, I'll be okay. Because the one thing I've noticed is that I've felt better and more energized since starting my new diet and exercise plan. And that's way more important than getting into a pair of jeans. :)

3) What do you mean your alien bacteriophage broke?! How? Were you using it for its original purpose, or did you find other uses for it? I want more information on this. Blog about it maybe? Lol.

4) Blogger is getting better and better (are you using the new editing options when typing up posts?), but it could still use improvements. I know what you mean, I don't want to subscribe to an RSS feed for comments! The other thing that gets me is that my settings are set to where I get e-mails whenever someone comments on my blogs. But guess what happens when I write a comment in my blog to reply to someone else? I get an email notifying me that I have commented on my own blog! Thanks Blogger! You seen to be taking the precaution that I might be senile and that I'll need an immediate reminder that I have commented on my own blog.

Laura said...

HAHAHAhahahah... Do you hear that, blog? I am senile! Please email me this comment so I don't forget that it is my blog. Also, where am I and who are you?

1) It's just a move, no promotion. We had a new person join our team who needed a cubicle, so I got one of the offices that were open.

2) Go Em! Focus on what counts :)

3) Yeah, it is a piece of crap! I will blog about it.