Monday, October 4, 2010

Silk Pajamas and Football

Those would be the two things to best describe my past two weekends. The other weekend, I went to the Virgin Mobile Fest (boy, they couldn't have come up with a better name?) and saw MIA. Her show was entertaining—lots of visual effects, backup dancers, and odd verbal interludes, such as "DC! Are you ready?! Do you remember how it used to be? Before you were confused?!" At one point she had about 50 people from the audience up on stage moshing. After she came back on for the encore, she showed up wearing silk glittery pajamas and holding a bottle of tequila:
"Now, I've just gone and put on my pajamas...I was all ready for bed!"

Of course, I always go to bed after donning my glitter jammies and moshing. Nothing like a concert to help me wind down.

Then this past weekend, I went down to Charlottesville for the UVA vs. Florida State game. The first half was embarrassing. Of course, I didn't see much, I had my hands covering my face every time they had the ball. The second half was OK. I'm convinced they brought out a different team from the locker room. Most entertaining sports fan: This crazy woman in our section who kept yelling "Touchdown" (In a very Southern accent that sounded more like "Touch- Day-un!!" Yep, three syllables.), not only at appropriate moments, but before the start of each and every play. Hey, whatever works.

I watch ESPN sometimes with my boyfriend. He's a big sports fan. Have you ever noticed how football coaches like to say, "We just gotta take care of the ball! We have to work on taking care of the ball!" We gotta take care of the ball? What, is it sick?

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