Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Sweets

While looking for a fantastic cookie recipe to make during the holidays this year, I came across so many tempting recipes that I'm still mulling over which one(s) to make for parties and gifts. I'm going to narrow it down to about 2-4 that I'll use for different purposes. I thought I'd share a few with you folks, in no particular order.

Poll: What are your favorite holiday cookies/sweets? You can mention ones from this list, or share some others that I haven't included here.  

1. Truffles: Truffles are classy and sumptuous. I've also never made them before, so what excites me the most about this recipe is trying something new. Some examples are this Chocolate Truffles recipe, one for Variations on Truffles, and Nutella Truffles.

2. Fruit Jellies: these remind me of candied fruit slices, and while they're not a traditional holiday candy, they look so tangy and sweet that I'd love to give them a try.

3. Cheddar Cookies: this, too, could be perfect. When I saw this, I thought, yesssss! It combines both the awesomeness of cheese and sugar! I've got less of a sweet tooth and more of a savory tooth, and this is just different enough to be memorable and fun. I love that pecan in the middle, too.

4. Pistachio Pastry Twists: These would be great for some holiday baskets. They might be a bit too big as pictured to do as an hors d'oeuvre for a party, but if they could be made smaller, they might work. I like that they can be made with different fillings. And who doesn't love puff pastry?

5. Biscotti: This would be another cookie that'd be great as a gift. It'd also work well to send in the mail, since they look pretty sturdy. Here's one for Cookie Biscotti and one for Dark Chocolate-Dipped Anise Biscotti

6. Fudge Sauce: It's a huge jar of chocolate, enough said.

7. Chewy Chocolate-Cherry Cookies: this one looks like a "safe" yet still delicious choice. It's just different enough from the standard chocolate chip cookie but not as risky as the cheddar cookie or the anise biscotti. What am I saying, risky? It's a cookie, for crying out loud!

8. Chocolate Icebox Cookies: This looks simple, and I like that it can be made ahead of time.


Em! said...

Ha, I was thinking about doing a post on holiday treats as well. You beat me to it! I love holiday baking, though I gotta say my favorites are definitely my mom's homemade treats that she has made since I was little. I highly enjoy Rolled Christmas Cookies (basic flour/butter/sugar cookies cut with cookie cutters and covered in colorful sprinkles), Date Bars, and Rice Krispy Cookies.

I'm very curious about those Cheddar Cookies though. Will you be doing a follow-up post on which recipes you make? :P

Laura said...

Rice Krispy cookies? Are those different from rice krispy treats?

I'm leaning towards making the Cheddar Cookies for at least one event. I will definitely do a follow-up post now that you asked!

Em! said...

Nah, the Rice Krispy Cookies are different from Rice Krispy Treats. I'm not sure how to describe them. They look somewhat similar to peanut butter cookies, but they're made with Rice Krispies, oatmeal, coconut, and ground up nuts. When made fresh, they are crispy and soft at the same time. :D