Monday, January 24, 2011

Brunch in DC: Crab Benedict

Barracks Row in DC is one of my favorite places to go for brunch. Historic charm, close to Eastern Market, plenty of walking-around-sights, cozy places to go, great people watching, and so on. I recently went to one of the restaurants down there, Cava, and had some awesome Eggs and Crab Benedict. 

I think you've probably already guessed what I did the following Sunday. Yup, I tried to replicate this on my own at home. Let me say...I surprise myself sometimes. This was awesome.

-1 english muffin, halved, toasted
-2 poached eggs
-1/3 to 1/2 cup of warm hollandaise sauce
-1 slice cooked bacon
-1/2 small can crab meat, briefly cooked in some butter

Try a recipe here for more info (not the exact one I used but close): Hollandaise sauce with Eggs Benedict

I tried a couple of things I'd never tried before, poaching an egg and making hollandaise sauce.

First of all, eggs benedict is apparently supposed to be with canadian bacon. If you ask me, I think canadian bacon is dumb, because not only does it look like ham and taste nothing like bacon, it couldn't even think of an original name for itself, and it is tough and rubbery. Nobody wants to have to saw through a sandwich at 1pm in the brunch-morning. That is why I used real bacon and crab meat, the way nature intended. 

Secondly, big ups to Em, who had a post awhile back on poaching an egg. Stirring is so essential. My cookbook said "make a whirlpool." On the first try, boyfriend and I went whirlpool-overboard, and my egg almost whirled out of control. The egg somehow stayed together though. On the next 3 tries, I slowed my whirl and stirred it constantly to keep it moving and non-sticking.

Finally, hollandaise sauce was fun. The recipe link glosses over this, so I will mention that my cookbook beat it in to me that the water has to simmer, not boil. The sauce is basically egg yolks, so I had to cook it really slowly so it wouldn't turn into scrambled eggs.

Now get on with your weekend.

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