Friday, February 4, 2011

To New Books

I am going to add something new to my blog - book reviews.

One of my book sources? I recently joined a site called PaperBackSwap, a site where I swap books for free with other people. Because I've been ordering some books lately that have been on my reading list for ages, I've been reading more lately and catching up on that list.

My other book source is fate. Blind luck. Every now and then, I hit up a used book sale, or book swap, or the used books section of a library or thrift store, and I take home a pile of strange books that I've never heard of before or never bothered to think about before that day. To me, these are my most cherished books, because they are book I would have never found under any other circumstances: they are not recommended to me by a friend, they are not sold with glossy covers at Borders. They are just stories that have crossed my path. And after I have read them, it is like my life depended on it.

In my book reviews, I'll tell how I found a book. It is important to me that my belongings carry a story, and books are no different. Like most book reviewers, I will also tell you a little bit about the book and offer up some praise or criticism. I hope that you will enjoy this new running feature on my blog, and that perhaps I will introduce you, too, to new books.

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