Friday, January 14, 2011

Framed fabric project

Here's another simple project I did as part of re-decorating my office/guest room. These are pieces of fabric stretched over wood frames. You might recognize them from before when I had some different fabric hung up. I changed the fabric to fit my new color scheme.

-Fabric hanging kit from IKEA for about $5 each
-Staples and staple gun

 The hardest part of this project? Picking out the fabric. I looked at so many different types of fabrics before I found some that were the appropriate scale for a wall hanging. It's easy to find great fabric--not so easy to find great fabric that is a large-scale print. The prints I saw were either too small to make good wall art or very expensive upholstery fabrics. I finally found some upholstery fabric that was about $11 a yard from an online store called Contemporary Cloth.

Once I had the fabric, all I had to do was rip off the old fabric, line up the new fabric, and staple it on. The IKEA kit came with nails (a thoughtful idea for those who don't have a staple gun), but it is much easier to staple. 

Later on, I'll post some pictures of how they looked in the room overall.

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Nanda said...

Oh I really like this idea! Gets me thinking about our living room and how this would be a less time consuming decorating idea than some ideas we've come up with for those walls.