Saturday, January 15, 2011

Desk chair project

The next small project I did while redecorating my office/guest room was to reupholster a chair.

In the "before" phase of this project, I had a standard desk chair on wheels, but it didn't fit neatly under my desk. As the goal was to make things organized and sleek, it had to go, so I sold it on craigslist.

I needed a chair without arms, and while I did look around on craigslist for a nice parsons chair or something of that nature, I discovered that the best option was right under my nose. Right under my dining table, in fact.

My desk chair came into my life a couple of years ago as free chairs that someone else was throwing out. I painted and reupholstered them with fabric to match my living/dining room, which I discussed a couple years ago in this post.

Here's what they looked like as my dinette chairs:

They looked OK, but I admit they were on the old-fashioned side. You can't see the fabric too well, but it was this velvet with a cut-out swirl which I really liked, but the color was boring. I had plans to get rid of the chairs, but I realized that I could keep one for my office. Total cost: $0 instead of $$ to buy a new chair.


Doesn't it look much better with the black and white fabric? I wasn't sure if I would like it, but the black fabric definitely makes the ironwork "pop." Just having one chair with the fancy pattern is much less overwhelming than three of them.

-Staples and staple gun
-Screws and screwdriver

It was simple: I removed the seat from the chair, lined up the fabric, and stapled it on. The trickiest part is to pleat the fabric around the rounded edges so it sits smoothly on the corners. Then I screwed the newly covered seat back into the chair.

Because of all the time I have been spending with my staple gun lately, I thought I should come up with some kind of title for myself. The first thing that came to mind was "Queen of the Staple Gun" but that sounded too staid, and "Princess Staple Gun" too precious. Then I thought perhaps "President of the Staple Gun," but no one elected me to that position and the staples were not adequately represented in this matter. So I have come up with "Sheriff of the Staple Gun," a title to connote the rugged nature of stapling, as I brandish my (staple) gun to round up those lawless fugitive staples.

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