Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Lost Posts

I glanced at my Blogger Dashboard today and noticed I had a ton of recipe posts that had been floating around in Draft Purgatory---for weeks. There's no sense in letting a good post go to waste, so I'll post one a day until I run out. These posts are around the time that I got my new camera, and I was (and still am) pretty excited about learning how to use it and mastering some photography skills.

The first recipe is Curry Fried Noodles, from The Pasta Cookbook by Jeni Wright
While some of my shots are hit or miss, I really love this photograph of the curry noodles. It makes them look way better than they actually tasted. It was crazy spicy! The recipe either massively overstated how much curry paste was really necessary (2-3 tbsp? Is that a lot?) or the chicken that I used didn't soak up the paste in the same way as tofu would.

The essentials: 
1) Meat or tofu heated in a wok with curry paste
2) Green beans and peppers stir-fried
3) Rice vermicelli soaked in hot water
4) All of it mixed together in the wok with soy sauce


Em! said...

I must agree with you, that is a very nice photo, and it makes me hungry just looking at it.

Laura said...

it's funny, because it makes my mouth burn just remembering it!